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The Molo9™ Entrepreneurship & Innovation Awards

Some entrepreneurs are total game changers. They see the future and bring it to the present. The Molo9™ Entrepreneurship & Innovation Awards celebrate these revolutionaries; the founders who were built to break the mold.

To the audacious entrepreneurs who continually test the limits and catapult us into the future. We salute you.

The Molo9™ Innovation Award Recipient for the Fall of 2021 is Andrew Vasserman, the CEO of Logyc.

Andrew Vasserman has been an active member of Silicon Valley’s startup community for the past decade. He has built two high-tech startups and has mentored the entrepreneurs of top MBA programs around the world (including Stanford University, Skolkovo, NUS and CCA, to name a few).

Andrew’s latest startup, Logyc, brings cutting-edge simulation technology to global enterprises that help digitize end-to-end product manufacturing and supply chains.

Andrew’s proudest professional achievement, thus far, is his contribution to designing intelligent cities and human-augmented machine learning technology.

Andrew Vasserman’s credentials, academic achievements & additional awards include:

  1. Building two high tech startups
  2. Mentoring startup founders attending Skolkovo’s MBA program
  3. Mentoring startup founders attending Stanford University
  4. Mentoring startup founders attending the National University of Singapore
  5. Mentoring startup founders attending California College of the Arts
  6. Mentoring startup founders attending Startup Grind
  7. Mentoring startup founders attending Draper University

The Molo9™ Entrepreneurial Excellence Award Recipient for the Fall of 2021 is Beatriz Crespo Ruiz, Founder of Freedom & Flow.

PhD Beatriz Crespo Ruiz is one of the few people in the world who has two Cum Laude Doctorates, in Medicine (2017) and Sports Performance (2012).

In 2014 she founded Freedom & Flow which develops personalized medicine based on Artificial Intelligence. In 2018 she became one of The Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain.

Since then, she has received numerous recognitions for her professional career as a leading lady.

Freedom & Flow uses scientific methods to discover which health habits are optimal for each person, designing personalized medicine plans, for both individuals and large groups (such as coworkers, patients or citizens).

Beatriz Crespo Ruiz’s credentials, academic achievements & additional awards include:

  1. Ph.D Medicine (2017)
  2. Ph.D High Sport Performance in Paralympics (2012)
  3. MSc Sport Organization Management
  4. Ranking Top 100 Disruptive and Innovative Leaders 2021
  5. Top 111 List Nova Talent 2021
  6. Healthcare & Life Science SME Award 2020
  7. ASEME Business Women LinkedIn Top Voices 2019
  8. The Best ZEN CEO 2018 by Adecco Group & El Mundo


Each quarter we give out two awards to startup founders who have proven an elite degree of competency within their entrepreneurial journey :

  1. The Molo9™ Innovation Award is given to the founder who has created a new innovation that drives society forward in a positive direction.
  2. The Molo9™ Entrepreneurial Excellence Award celebrates our modern day revolutionaries; the founders who see the future & make it present day reality.

The recipient of each award is also granted:

  1. Two Months of FREE access to Molo9’s™ Brands Membership.
  2. The award’s badge to display on your website & social media profiles

When are the winners announced?

  1. Summer 2021 winners will be announced mid-June
  2. Fall 2021 winners will be announced mid-September
  3. Winter 2021 winners will be announced mid-December
  4. Spring 2022 winners will be announced mid-March

Can I apply more than once?

  • Yes, you can apply each quarter until you win, but you can only win each award once.


  1. Your startup must be an existing company that is actively accepting customers.
  2. You must have an existing company website.
  3. Your LinkedIn profile must be up to date with your latest achievements & information.
  4. Bonus points are given to startups with a co-founder or more than one employee.


To apply fill in the form below 



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