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The Molo9™ Entrepreneurship Awards

Congratulations to our two most recent recipients!

Click on their photos to learn more about how these two are positively impacting society with their startups

Each quarter we give out two awards to startup founders who have proven an elite degree of competency within their entrepreneurial journey :

  1. The Molo9™ Innovation Award is given to a founder who has created a new innovation that can drive society forward in a positive direction.
  2. The Molo9™ Entrepreneurial Excellence Award is given to a founder who has excelled in her (or his) respective field through the development of her (or his) startup.

The recipient of each award is also granted:

  1. 8 weeks of Molo9’s™ Accelerate Membership.
  2. The award’s badge to display on your website & social media profiles

When are the winners announced?

  1. Summer 2021 winners will be announced June 15th
  2. Fall 2021 winners will be announced September 15th
  3. Winter 2021 winners will be announced December 15th
  4. Spring 2022 winners will be announced March 15th

Can I apply more than once?

  • Yes, you can apply each quarter until you win, but you can only win each award once.


  1. Your startup must be an existing company that is actively accepting customers.
  2. You must have an existing company website.
  3. Your LinkedIn profile must be up to date with your latest achievements & information.
  4. Bonus points are given to startups with a co-founder or more than one employee.


To apply fill in the form below 


Click on the images below to learn more about our past winners

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