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I have a ton of ideas for what we can do in terms of marketing, I just don’t know which one to implement first and I freeze because I know the order I choose can have a huge or catastrophic impact on our success.

This is an excerpt from a call with a CEO two months after Covid sent our global economy into a downward spiral.

This is what kicked off my journey to create Molo9™. Publishing a blog was not enough, the information needed to be organized and delivered to founders ONLY when that information become key to their startup’s growth.

I built Molo9™ to automatically assess, evaluate and select the best marketing strategies for a unique business and then show them only those strategies & tactics that are relevant to them, as they became relevant.

I understand that if you’re new to marketing: researching and implementing strategies can be so daunting, time consuming and frustrating especially when you don’t know all of the little variables that go into making a strategy work. Heck, it is still sometimes like this for me and I know most of the formulas by heart.

I also understand that when you use a few bad marketing tactics you begin to look at marketing as an expense rather than an investment that should have an ROI of 4-1000x.  (No, it is NOT “normal” to spend 3 months “testing Facebook ads” without seeing a single new customer).

Molo9™ exists because I know how frustrating it can be to waste time and money on marketing strategies and tactics that were never going to work for your unique company.

So I went through all of my notes from consulting at various companies like MMD9™ and split them up. “These strategies should only be used by e-commerce companies selling subscriptions when they need to increase LTV, that strategy should only be used by real estate brokers looking to decrease their CAC”… Then, I brought this giant database of information to a developer who told me it would take 4 years and a team of 12 developers to build into functional software. I decided to learn how to code and brought 4 of the world’s top developers & seasoned founders on to the board of advisors to guide me as I built Molo9™ in 4 months by myself.

I have spent more than a decade working in the startup space as a growth hacker (someone who looks at the whole funnel & product to figure out how to make money FAST). I am happy to tell you that after more than a decade, I am one of the fastest growth hackers on the planet (from “idea on paper” to more than $108,000,000 in sales in less than 5 years #bootstrapped. The case study is over here: https://md9.co/case-studies/).

While I cannot cook to save my life (why learn how to fry an egg when I can easily outsource this to someone more qualified?), when it comes to growing companies really fast, I’m the secret weapon that has been flown around the world (to more than 45 countries) to do just that.

Molo9™ is still young, and yet, the feedback has been amazing thus far…

 “Worth every dollar!
Marketing strategy is something we have struggled with for many years. I am thrilled that I have found Molo9 to help us come up with the best marketing plan tailored for us and made it so easy :)”
– Andrew Vasserman, CEO of Logyc

MOLO9 could not come at a more perfect time for me as I set to launch my eCommerce business. Literally, everything that seemed daunting is presented in a framework that now makes perfect sense. Thanks to MOLO9 I am confident in my acquisition channels and go to market strategy. There is so much great insight. MOLO9 is KEY in helping me create my marketing strategy in sharp manner. So pumped! Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate this support.”
– Nathalie Cade James, CEO of Luxe Fête

Adi Soozin’s history of success speaks for itself. Being able to take advantage of all the knowledge she has applied to molo9 provides you with the best chance for success. My startup will benefit tremendously from the recommendations we get from molo9, especially as we will be leveraging social media to build our brand.”
– Ethan Bovie, CEO of Stealth Mode Startup

I have been working with Adi Soozin’s consulting company for years, I am thrilled they made their internal software public and much more affordable. Previously I would have to wait weeks to schedule time with their consultants. Now I can get Adi’s insight in just a few clicks. Thanks Adi for telling me about the AppSumo promotion.”
– Bonnie Wells, Real Estate Broker/Owner of The Coastal Living Real Estate Group

You may have been doing your own marketing strategy before, using one or many different checklists, with crazy processes, that gave you varied results…

But, Molo9™ can be the last tool you’ll ever need for researching & developing a winning marketing strategy.

Molo9™ was created with hard-working entrepreneurs in mind, built by a second generation serial entrepreneur and is gaining new features every day.

The Molo9™ Workflow:

1. Adjust your Molo9™ settings here: https://www.molo9.com/my-kpis/

2. View Molo9™ recommendations here: https://www.molo9.com/molo9/

3. Use the advanced filters to sort recommendations by time, cost and a handful of other topics: https://www.molo9.com/molo9-recs-full-view/

4. Attend a live Q&A to ask any follow up questions: https://www.molo9.com/courses/molo9-repository/lessons/current-offers-for-molo9-members/topic/live-qa-with-adi-soozin/

It really is that easy so let’s get started!

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