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A few years ago a friend called up to say that she couldn’t afford to retain MD9™ but needed Adi Soozin’s help.  Adi created a blog AdiPineapple.com and posted a few of her basic SOPs (standard operating procedures) to this site for friends & family to read. Soon, the small blog grew into a rather large repository where hundreds of readers could get lost for days.

Ms. Soozin realized that if she wanted to help more of those “world-changing” innovators to succeed, her processes would need to be delivered to the recipients in a methodical order so that they were not drowned in information. Enter Molo9™. Molo9™ asks you short questions before directing you to the advice you need to reach your next immediate goal.

Molo9’s™ goal is to make “high performance” marketing easy and obtainable for those passionate about growing their own businesses. Molo9™ was built using the same processes and procedures that we implement with our premium clients at MD9™


How is MD9™ different from all of the other marketing and growth agencies out there?

We use Adi’s proprietary frameworks to identify and leverage your best customer acquisition and retention strategies, then pair these with marketing psychology triggers that have been scientifically proven to lead to the highest ROI. This unique combination is what leads to rapid sales and revenue growth. When startups grow, so do our local and global ecosystems and economies, leading to positive world changing results.

Our number one passion and goal is to bring an abundance of financial growth to each client we work with. Why? Throughout the mess of the 2008 recession our founder, Adi, watched helplessly as her family lost everything to a corrupt “business man” who promised to save her family’s businesses and home.

Adi’s first advisory role wasn’t planned, it was an intervention to protect a friend from entering into a business relationship similar to the one that had cost her family everything. Using the lessons she learned from working in her family’s offices, she stepped in and offered to help. This friend referred her to other entrepreneurs in need of real, honest and effective marketing advice.

To this day many of her calls involve guiding startup founders to develop solutions that get them the real results they are looking for.

To learn more about our founder, Adi & her story go to MD9.co/press

How did MD9™ get started? 

In 2017 Jeff Boman, was a Silicon Valley based Python developer and the CEO of GaltGrid. He reached out to Adi Soozin to ask if she’d be interested in opening a new company. The arrangement was simple, Jeff would help with tech development and manage customer relationships, while Adi would develop the clients’ growth strategies, growth marketing (aka growth hacking) and build out the team.

In the spring of 2017 The Million Dollar Pineapple was created. The company started with the pair working around the clock to meet client needs. However, as time progressed the growing client demands forced them to expand their team.

In 2018 Adi and the company servers were targeted by a bitter hacker. Faced with the decision to close shop or tighten their cyber security, Adi packed 4 laptops and took a flight to Israel to learn from a few of the world’s best cyber security specialists. Jeff dropped to an intermittent advisor role, taking a full time position with a startup.

After the company servers were back up and running, Adi went into high gear traveling 5-7 months per year to work with clients in the US, EU & LatAm.

Within three years of opening the virtual doors, Adi grew The Million Dollar Pineapple to five brand lines powered by a team of more than 50 contractors & freelancers from around the world.

MD9™ offers premium marketing consulting services. Adi is at the forefront of every growth plan because she knows from personal experience, what it takes to build a company from the ground up.




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