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Imagine scheduling a Sunday morning bike ride with a friend. 

She invites you to join her for a 5 mile ride. 

You agree, pack snacks & set aside time to: complete the 5 mile bike ride, shower & drive to your next social engagement.

27 miles later you have run out of food, water, energy and the ability to attend any of your other weekend plans. 

Your friend looks at you energetically wondering why you look tired, thirsty, hungry & angry. 

She tells you the same thing she did at mile markers: 5, 15 & 25. “We will reach an amazing destination if we just go a bit further.” The last three times she said this, you believed her. This time you respond by pulling out your phone and booking an Uber ride back to your car (after a pit stop for food & water). 

This is what I find so frustrating about the majority of marketing resources on the market today.

We are told “If you do this one thing, attend this one course, or read this one book, you’ll get 1000x better results for your clients”.

To stop you from wasting time & money on poor resource management due to misinformation, we are going to get crystal clear on precisely what needs to happen to reach the exact goals you are aiming to achieve.

For this reason I give you a real KPI (ex: rank #1 on Google) and a real timeframe (ex: in less than 21 days) for each masterclass and marketing campaign roadmap added to Molo9™.

 “Best marketing plan step by step to get our start-up growing fast !!
I’ve followed Adi’s work for many years now and always been impressed by her growth hacking skills. Not being from the internet marketing world, always made it hard to get what were the rights things to do.
Having accessed Molo9 and used it intensively now, I can only say I am thrilled to have made the purchase!
– Matthieu Pinet, Senior Strategy & Corporate Development Manager

 “Worth every dollar!
Marketing strategy is something we have struggled with for many years. I am thrilled that I have found Molo9 to help us come up with the best marketing plan tailored for us and made it so easy :)”
– Andrew Vasserman, CEO of Logyc

Adi Soozin’s history of success speaks for itself. Being able to take advantage of all the knowledge she has applied to molo9 provides you with the best chance for success. My startup will benefit tremendously from the recommendations we get from molo9, especially as we will be leveraging social media to build our brand.”
– Ethan Bovie, CEO of Anti

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