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Partner with us & earn more

Earn 20% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.

The Molo9™ Affiliate Program = true profit sharing.

This is one of the best MarTech affiliate deals you’ll find in the industry.

Your extra income

Refer 20 friends or fans to the Strategist Subscription this month, to get an extra $5900 USD in your bank account.

Refer 20 friends or fans to the Agencies Subscription this month, to get an extra $7100 USD in your bank account.

Refer 50 friends or fans to the Agencies Subscription each month, to get an annual income of $235,140 this year.

*Calculations are based on the number and types of plans you refer each month.

*Lifetime commissions are awarded to the first affiliate who convinces a new lead to make a purchase on

Earn a commission after every referral

  • You earn 20% of every dollar that your referral spends on
  • We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide 180-day tracking cookies to ensure you get credited for the sale.

You get 20% monthly recurring commissions

  • True profit sharing by giving you recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer you referred, enabling you to build passive income.
  • With less than a 9% churn rate Molo9™ customers rarely leave. So recurring commissions hold real value.
  • Payouts are always made on time and sent right to your PayPal account each month.

How to get started

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