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Do you remember when Taylor Swift had a huge blow out with a few other celebrities?

Do you remember when Brene Brown got on stage and started her powerful speech with an apology to some haters who made a huge deal about one saying she repeated in a previous talk?

Do you remember when Alex Hormozi froze instead of churning out his second book? He literally did not even put up a sign-up page for fans to pre-order his next book.

Do you remember when I took SOOOOOO many months off from doing live Q&As?

Critics, who have never built anything, never done anything, never produced anything, tend to be very loud. It is not until they try to walk the path of those they critique, that they realize how foolish their criticisms are.

While an incompetent critic’s existential crisis is their own concern, how it impacts your ability to work, is our concern.

When we listen to the voices of our haters we cease to hear the voices of those who trust us & rely on us to bring our best work into the world.

You & I don’t work for our haters, we overcome insane obstacles every single day to give our best work to those who trust us to do just that.

You may be thinking your haters are worse than mine. Trust me, they’re all equally obnoxious.

In Molo9’s™ first year, a really weird person combed through the internet and DMed me nasty critiques about EVERY SINGLE POST I had ever published, and he did this across EVERY social media platform. He didn’t stop until I hired virtual assistants to filter my social media DMs.

Now at the age of three, Molo9™ has survived three attempted hostile takeovers since it’s inception.

Haters are energy drainers.

I have literally ended days feeling like I took so many metaphorical bullets that I am nothing more than a peace of Swiss cheese. So trust me when I say I totally get what you are going through because I’ve been there. 

Many great entrepreneurs fail because they did not know about the heat that their haters would bring. They are not prepared for it. When it comes they run.

Before you run, let me ask you a question.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life playing corporate politics, or learn how to dodge verbal bullets so that you can spend your life solving problems that you are passionate about?

Two weeks ago a brilliant woman told me that she was selling her agency because she couldn’t solve a recurring problem. Last week I felt like my brain was going to explode as I poured over countless resources, to learn how to build the new Molo9™ dashboard to solve that problem.

How do I feel now that it’s built? Amazing. I feel so happy knowing that I was able to use my skills to build a solution that will vastly improve the life of one agency owner & every one of her employees.

How do you feel when you solve problems for your customers?

Next time you are metaphorically slapped by a hater, do this:

  1. Go to wherever people write reviews of your work (amazon, google, appsumo, product hunt, LinkedIn, etc).
  2. Print off the happiest reviews.
  3. Read them.
  4. Highlight your favorite parts.
  5. Keep reading them until you feel motivated to go create more great things.
  6. Build up your army of allies by leaving 3 happy recommendations on the profiles of three colleagues. 
  7. Then get back to achieving epic things. 

Have a magical day ✨,

Adi Soozin

PS: I know you are going to achieve epic things & I’m so proud of you for making the difficult choice to do that. The work you are investing into improving the lives of those around you is amazing. I am very proud of you. Keep it up ; )

PPS: Share the magic, forward this to a friend.

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