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Did you know that it takes between 6 & 27 brand impressions for a total stranger to remember your individual brand? This means that someone will need to either: see your advertisement, watch your latest interview or see your logo somewhere else between 6 and 27 times before they remember your own company as a real company that actually exists!

There are key formulas that you can use to make it so that someone remembers your brand after just 6 impressions (saving you both time AND money).

I use these exact formulas to adjust existing brands to see a 400% increase in sales in as little as 4 weeks. Are you ready to learn them?

To understand the correlation between branding and your ability to charge a premium, watch the first 90 seconds of the video below.

This playbook will guide you to either create a brand from scratch, or make a few small adjustments to your existing brand. The formulas covered in this playbook, may seem trivial at first, but they have helped multiple companies to see sales increase by more than a 400% in as little as 4 weeks.


When we compare human kind to all other species on the planet, it is obvious that 99% percent of what makes us human, is consistent across our species. High performance marketers know this, love this and leverage this to identify ripe buyers & convert them into brand loyalists. Think about people who like to be identified with the following brands: Apple, Rotary, Bentley, Audi, MD9™, Omega, Rolex, Hugo Boss & Burberry.

As you may recall from my notebook on Customer Data, there are just 19 formulas needed to convert a reader into a buyer when you know how to incorporate the underlying psychological principles of influence used most commonly in high impact marketing.

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