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Press Kit

You can download a copy of the Molo9™ logo, icon and approved images below.

Please do not 

  • Modify any assets in any way without our written permission
  • Use our assets as your own identity, or for your own branding purposes
  • Use our assets in a way that may confuse someone that your product or service is made, run, or endorsed by Molo9™.

Molo9™ Brand Name

Palatino Linotype

Molo9™ Header Fonts

Gilda Display

Body Fonts

Nunito Sans

Molo9™ colors


Majestic Purple


Stealth White


Xiketic Black

Molo9™ Logos

Simply use right click – save as to download the images below

Click HERE to download our SVG flies

Logos on Transparent Background

Logos on Solid Color Backgrounds

Logos With Our Tagline

High Resolution Logos

Molo9™ Product Images

Simply use right click – save image as – to download these images

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