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If you:

  • are thinking about launching a startup but don’t know where or how to begin,
  • have just launched a startup & want to know how to land customers, or
  • launched a while ago and are struggling to find customers,

My launch playbook was written specifically to help you meet your goal in less than one month!


My launch process is one of the few proven processes which consistently gets new technologies successfully adopted quickly and easily. It also allows startups to reach profitability at record breaking speeds.


When you launch something completely new, you get better results faster if you adhere to the scientific principle called the “Diffusion of Innovation Theory”, aka the marketing adoption curve. This playbook walks you through the exact processes I use to push a startup through the marketing adoption curve.

The video below, explains the Diffusion of Innovation Theory (aka the marketing adoption curve) with fun pictures in 3 minutes.

The processes outlined in my launch process walk you through the steps that need to be taken to make your startup appealing in the eyes of the innovators & early adopters.

Kindly note that none of the information covered in here is to be interpreted as the only way to pursue an objective. Here I simply share the frameworks, parameters & guidelines I use to pursue and successfully reach various objectives.

If you have comments about how we might improve the content and/or wish to contribute your own materials as examples to be added to a specific piece of content, or if you notice missing material within a piece of content, please let me know here.

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