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What if you could create a business that allowed you to work from anywhere & at anytime so long as the “to do list” was done?

I know that the frameworks used by wildly successful entrepreneurs, to identify easy money maker businesses (like this) can be really confusing.

The processes they use to find a business opportunity that will be:

  1. Easy to create
  2. Easy to launch
  3. Easy to sell

can be really confusing to someone who is new to the startup world. This is one of the reasons 90% of startups die.

This course breaks down the “big & confusing” processes into easy, bite-sized lessons that can be done quickly between work and family obligations #feelLoved & #youAreWelcome.

So let’s take a look at how this course is setup:

Creating a profitable startup isn’t a matter of luck, it is an exact (secret) science. In this course you will be guided through small and easy tasks that lead you to choose a profitable business idea every. single. time.

Step 1: Complete a few quick & easy ideation exercises, then refine these ideas using two startup success guides.

Step 2: Use three simple market research exercises to find a total of 5 business ideas that excite you.

Step 3: Answer a series of questions to find the easiest money maker for YOU personally to pursue right now.

RESULT: One real business opportunity that you can easily create & make money with NOW, not tomorrow. Not next year. Right now.

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