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Did you know that you only need 5-10 blog posts to win the content marketing game in most industries? Seriously, it only takes a handful of potent posts to cut out the competition.

But what you put into that handful of blog posts is what makes the difference between a waste of words & a potent customer acquisition channel.

How do you find the right content for those 5-10 posts?

In this playbook I teach you how to find the key intel needed to create the best blogs & articles for your own business website.

If you follow this process you will not only: build trust with those who find out about your business organically, you will also improve your website’s SEO and increase your web sales.

A Note For Early Release Readers

The status of this content is Early Release. With Early Release content, you access the earliest form- of the authors’ raw & slightly or entirely unedited content as it is written-so you can take advantage of the knowledge and technologies long before the official release of these titles. *If you have comments about how we might improve the content and/or wish to contribute your own company’s materials as examples to be added to a specific piece of content, or if you notice missing material within a piece of content, please let us know here.

None of the information covered in here is to be interpreted as the only way to pursue an objective. Here I simply share the frameworks, parameters & guidelines I use to pursue and successfully reach various objectives.

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