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Are ”Adi Soozin’s Virtual Notebooks” included in the AppSumo LTD?

No, as of now, AppSumo members will have access to these until May 31, 2021. At that point the virtual notebooks will also cease to be included in ALL current Molo9™ memberships.

How does the AppSumo LTD compare to the three options offered on the homepage?

If you noticed the flood of new AppSumo users on the deal page, it’s because this deal is actually better than all of the Molo9™ memberships currently being offered. The Molo9™ LTD gives you lifetime access to:

  • Molo9™ Recommendations,
  • Molo9™ Silver Bullets,
  • Molo9™ Community
  • Facebook Live Q&A with yours truly (Adi Soozin).

If you’re wondering why it’s better, this is because as a Sumo-ling myself I genuinely enjoy learning and interacting with this community. Think of the live Q&As as more of a group of smart, talented & ambitious creators meeting up for a regular virtual happy hour… where the host of the party is an introverted MarTech nerd 😄

Are you stacking codes?

Yes, this will be done manually so please be patient with our response time.

  • Stack 2 codes – buy two codes to get 3 individual Molo9™ “AppSumo Deal Membership” accounts
  • Stack 3 codes – buy three codes to get 5 individual Molo9™ “AppSumo Deal Membership” accounts

Follow this process for code stacking redemption:
1. Redeem your 2-3 codes as you normally would & mark them as redeemed
2. Email NOT the support team ( the support team is very nice but they cannot help you with this.
3. Use this template for your email

Hi Molo9™ Team, I purchased these codes (copy & paste codes) and logged into Molo9™ with these emails (copy & paste your Molo9™ account email addresses for verification), can you please give the additional account(s) to this / these email addresses (copy & paste the email addresses that we should manually add Molo9™ accounts for).


We have multi-user accounts in Beta. The data is not tied from one account to the other, as of now we can literally create a parent account so that if an agency owner wishes to change who has access to their allotted accounts, we can change this on the back-end more easily. If this is something you are interested in please let us know.

Does the AppSumo LTD have access to all Diamond plan future updates?

The Diamond Plan includes 1:1 coaching, the AppSumo LTD does not include 1:1 coaching.

The AppSumo LTD includes all future plan updates for: Molo9™ recommendations & Molo9™ silver bullets.

Is the Molo9™ repository included in the AppSumo LTD?

Yes, but Ms. Soozin hates the current UX & UI so expect it to be moved to a more permanent location in your account dashboard at some point in the near future.

What is the benefit of stacking codes?

Molo9™ is in her very early stages because we wanted to get Sumo-lings feedback as early on as possible with this specific software, so our code-stacking is not as strange and convoluted as others. It merely allows you to bulk-buy Molo9™ accounts and tie them to a parent account.

This was setup for school groups & agencies that need to buy a larger number of accounts.

Scroll up to view our code-stacking redemption instructions.

Can I purchase more codes after the AppSumo deal?

Unfortunately no.

Our contract with AppSumo does not allow us to offer any additional deals or promos for the remainder of 2021.

So if you like this AppSumo deal, grab it now because we are legally NOT authorized to match this deal elsewhere anytime soon.

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