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17:25 – What do you know about marketing KPIs?

18:37 – What are the most important marketing KPIs and goals for a web startup?

20:09 – What are the most important KPIs for an online newspaper?

21:02 – How do I measure marketing KPIs?

22:18 – What are some digital marketing KPIs?

23:52 – Which marketing KPI do large game companies use to analyse their game?

24:14 – What are the most overrated marketing KPIs?

25:12 – What do you use as a dashboard for all your marketing KPIs and metrics?

26:02 – How can I choose digital marketing KPIs?

26:41 – How do I set realistic short and long term content marketing KPIs and targets based on the site’s historical performance?

28:29 – By what percentage should you increase your content marketing KPIs  in  each quarter? 

28:53 – How do you pick effective digital marketing KPIs and how do you track them? 

29:49 – Which digital marketing KPIs are the most difficult to measure? 

30:22 – How can I select and measure influencer marketing KPIs?

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