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Welcome to book number two in the “This is how I quickly grow a startup” book series.

By the time you complete this playbook our goal is to have you ranking #1 for your company’s name.

This is a heavy hitter, no time wasted run through EXACTLY what you need to do to cover your SEO bases prior to scaling to a size where you can outsource your SEO to someone who loves to work on it full-time.

This means that I will NOT cover those little nitty gritty 20/80 SEO tactics that take hours to implement and contribute less than $1 to your revenue. We are going to look at the 80/20, HUGE impact SEO tactics that can help you achieve 10x traction.

Why is this book number two in the series?

When someone Googles your company name and your company’s website does not come up at the top of the search engine results, prospective buyers think that there is either something wrong with your company or that they misspelled your company name.

By the time you complete this book you should:

  1. Rank #1 for your company name.
  2. Know how your SEO performance impacts your revenue and be able to track this with ease.
  3. Have a firm understanding of the basics of SEO.
  4. Know enough about SEO to be able to make the right SEO hiring decisions later on.

Legal disclaimer

Kindly note that none of the information covered in here is to be interpreted as the only way to pursue this objective. Here I simply share the processes, frameworks, parameters & guidelines that I use to pursue and successfully reach this goal.

If you have comments about how we might improve the content and/or wish to contribute your own materials as examples to be added to a specific piece of content, or if you notice missing material within a piece of content, please let us know here.

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