To give you the right recommendations, I need 4-7 pieces of information.

When using my interface, this is how to enter your information   

First, could you tell me which industry we are working in?

wdt_ID User ID Our industry is
1 0 Education
3 0 Other
4 0
5 0 Education
6 0

Secondly, what is our primary source of income?

wdt_ID User ID Our primary business model is
1 0 Consulting

Third, what do we have for a brand fascination score?

wdt_ID User ID Our brand fascination score is
1 0 Passion

Fourthly, have we launched or are we preparing to launch a company?

Fifth, what do we have for our current CAC?

wdt_ID User ID Our current CAC is Which, in my opinion is
1 0 Wonderfully low

Sixth, what is our current LTV looking like?

wdt_ID User ID Our LTV is
1 0 Depressingly low
3 0 Bad (less than 5x my CAC)

Lastly, what is our current GCR (Goal Completion Rate)?

wdt_ID User ID Our GCR is
1 0 Wonderfully high

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