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What is a brand fascination score?

Every brand has one underlying promise that propels the vast majority of their customers to choose them over alternatives. This underlying promise is referred to as your brand’s “fascination score”.

We use your brand fascination score to identify the most effective strategies for you to add to your paid ads, emails, landing pages, social media posts & more.

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  1. Alert = attentive, detail oriented, organized, precise, methodical, “always be prepared”. Think of: BBC, Google, Thermo Fisher Scientific & FedEx.
  2. Innovation = entrepreneurial, provocatively cutting-edge, visionary, disruptive & shocking. Think of: Apple, Abode, Virgin, Tesla & Pixar.
  3. Mystique = magical, complex, mysterious, private, curious, mystical, the secret society. Think of: Disney, Lord of the Rings (trilogy), The Masons & other secret societies.
  4. Passion = sensual, expressive, empathetic, soothing, sexy, loving, belonging. Think of: CoCo Chanel, Alfa Romeo, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret & Lelo.
  5. Power = confident, heroic, brave, dignified, assertive, decisive, “follow me”. Think of: 007, Nike, Dyson, Molo9™ & Men’s Fitness Magazine.
  6. Prestige = luxurious, elite, prosperous, aspirational, distinguished, polished, “leaving a legacy”, “the gold standard”. Think of: Rolls Royce, Harvard University, University of Oxford, Hermès, Versace, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Cartier & Breitling
  7. Trust = stable, reliable, dependable, protective, organic, reassuring, caring. Think of: Aveeno, Dove, Target, Chevy, Unicef, Toms, Dodge & Ford.

**Please note that this Brand Fascination test linked to in the blue button above is provided by a 3rd party and in no way affiliated with Molo9™ Incorporated.