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When a brand is fascinating, people will make greater efforts to find it, have higher engagement with it, and they will stay more loyal…

Sally Hogshead

We use your brand fascination score to identify which simple buyer psychology tricks will work best for you.

Cheat Sheet

  1. Alert = attentive, detail oriented, organized, precise, methodical, “always be prepared”. Think of: BBC, Google, Thermo Fisher Scientific & FedEx.
  2. Innovation = entrepreneurial, provocatively cutting-edge, visionary, disruptive & shocking. Think of: Apple, Abode, Virgin, Tesla & Pixar.
  3. Mystique = magical, complex, mysterious, private, curious, mystical, the secret society. Think of: Disney, Lord of the Rings (trilogy), The Masons & other secret societies.
  4. Passion = sensual, expressive, empathetic, soothing, sexy, loving, belonging. Think of: CoCo Chanel, Alfa Romeo, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret & Lelo.
  5. Power = confident, heroic, brave, dignified, assertive, decisive, “follow me”. Think of: 007, Nike, Dyson, Molo9™ & Men’s Fitness Magazine.
  6. Prestige = luxurious, elite, prosperous, aspirational, distinguished, polished, “leaving a legacy”, “the gold standard”. Think of: Rolls Royce, Harvard University, University of Oxford, Hermès, Versace, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz, Cartier & Breitling
  7. Trust = stable, reliable, dependable, protective, organic, reassuring, caring. Think of: Aveeno, Dove, Target, Chevy, Unicef, Toms, Dodge & Ford.

NOTE: the Brand Fascination test is provided by a 3rd party and in no way affiliated with Molo9™ Incorporated.