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Take Action

  1. Click the image to the right to open up the template. 
  2. Once it is open click File >>> Make a Copy


To create your content:

  1. Go to ChatGPT or
  2. Type in “give me a how-to guide that expands upon these 3 points”, then copy & paste your 3 bullet points.
  3. Next type into ChatGPT “change this so that it could be read by a 5th grader”. That will remove all of the industry jargon so that your document can be understood by people who work outside of your field. 
  4. Take the text that ChatGPT gives you and drop it into your document.
  5. Edit it, add your bio & send it to me when you’re done.

Four Guides & a Template

Click the image below to make of a copy of the template & start making your own how-to guide.

How-to guide for growing your social media accounts

How-to guide for working with external marketing freelancers & consultants

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