Welcome to Molo9™’s recommendations.

A few things you should know:

  1. New recommendations are being added daily.
  2. To add one of Molo9™’s recommendation to your to do list, click the button “Add this to my list”
  3. As you adjust the information on your home screen, the results below will change.
  4. To view recommendations for another goal, simply click one of the golden buttons below.

### notes for dev

  1. query results on this “Molo9™ recommendations” page should display topics that have all of the following tags (“High CAC” && “Acquisition” && “$user_business_model” || “all business models” && “$user_industry” || “all industries” && “$user_brand_score” || “all brand scores”).
  2. when the user marks a “topic” as complete it should not appear in the “recommendations” sections, only the “my archives” section of this page
  3. Currently the place holders below are posts, they need to be “topics” you can query ALL of the topics using the shortcode ld_topic_list. They should appear with the “most recently modified” first.
  4. When a user clicks “add to list” this needs to add the topic to the TOP of the to do list on their dashboard

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