What does Molo9™ do?

Molo9™ is like your GPS for marketing.

Molo9™ gives you a highly customized roadmap of exactly what you should do to improve the KPIs most important to your company.

When your priorities change, so do the recommendations in your portal.

If you are tired of spending hours trying to determine which path to take to reach your goals fastest, Molo9™ was built for you.

Molo9™ filters through all of the “real” marketing tactics and “free checklist” b.s. out there to tell you which strategies you should be using right now to get real results.

What does that mean? Have you ever tried to follow a free marketing guide you found online, and after following the 34 step process experienced little to no growth? I have, and it is frustrating. After a few years, I found out that there are a few reasons this happens. One is that the checklist is written by a ghost writer who has never actually implemented the process (#facePalm). Another reason is that the process claims it is for every type of business and industry when it is not.

So I went through all of my notes from consulting at MD9™ (https://md9.co/case-studies/) and split them up. “These strategies should only be used by e-commerce companies selling subscriptions when they need to increase LTV, that strategy should only be used by real estate brokers looking to decrease their CAC”… Then, I brought this giant database of information to a developer who told me it would take 4 years + a team of 12 devs to build into functional software. I decided to learn how to code and brought 4 of the world’s top developers & seasoned founders on to the board of advisors to guide me as I built Molo9™ myself.

If you would like to vote on future features go here: https://www.molo9.com/make-molo9-better/

If you use it and decide you’d like more recommendations at any time, you can request them here: https://www.molo9.com/my-account/reqest-more-recs/

Here you can read how agencies are using Molo9™ for their own clients: https://www.molo9.com/courses/faq/lessons/pre-sale-questions/topic/how-can-i-white-label-this-2/

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