Is Molo9™ suitable for the self-taught digital marketer?

Funny you should ask this…Molo9™ actually started out as a blog where I wrote posts to answer marketing questions for friends & family who were non-“marketing/communication/MBA” professionals.

To support those new to marketing we currently have three elements in place:

1. The virtual notebooks. The MVP of Molo9™ was a publication of these 5 notebooks https://www.molo9.com/courses/ that walk first-time founders (people who have never run their own company before) through a few key marketing concepts. **As of now, AppSumo members will have access to these until May 31, 2021. At that point the virtual notebooks will also cease to be included in ALL current Molo9™ memberships.

2. Many of the recommendations have a section called “read more on this topic” at the bottom of the recommendation page, for those who are new to the concept and wishing to learn more about it.

3. We do have regular live Q&A sessions scheduled to resume in our Facebook group on February 12th, so if you have any additional questions, we can address them there.

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