Can I create my own creatives to promote Molo9™?

Yes! So long as you follow our branding guidelines outlined below.

You may use your own creatives when developing campaigns to promote your affiliate link, but be prepared to share those creatives with the Molo9™ team when asked to do so. 

If you are unsure if a creative asset will meet our brand guidelines send a copy of the creative asset to StrategicPartners@Molo9.group for verification prior to using the creative asset.  

Here are our branding guidelines


  • Use the language and assets provided here.
  • Capitalize the “M” in “Molo9™”. You’d be surprised at how many times that doesn’t happen. Sigh.
  • Use the ™ after the name Molo9™.
  • Reference our brand guide here.
  • Remember that we are a high-end brand.

Do Not:

  • Use false or misleading statements on the benefits of using Molo9™ (e.g. “Make millions by tomorrow with Molo9™”)
  • Modify or adjust the Molo9™ word mark or logo in any sort of marketing material you might create, including the creation of any visual badges or dual-logo lockups.

Additional branding guidelines you are to use when linking to Molo9™ can be found here.

NOTE: When requested, you’ll share the places you’ve used your affiliate link. This includes, but is not limited to, links, screenshots, and email sends. Pro-tip: keep track of these in an excel to make it easier to share with the Molo9™ team. Failure to share all of the places and ways in which you are promoting your affiliate link can result in your termination from the Molo9™ affiliate program. 

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