Fun fact:

if you send a poll to your customers with the question “If you could no longer use this (product or service) how would you feel”

and 40% respond “very disappointed” you’re most likely about to experience hockey stick growth

Now that you know what your competitor’s funnel looks like, we want to look at a few numbers from your website to decide how to emulate your competitor’s best strategies to get you closer to that magic 40.

Do you know the percentage of traffic that completes your defined goals?

Do you know where your users currently spend the most time on your website?

Do you know which pages on your website bring in the most traffic?

Do you know which of your website pages drive away the most traffic?

Now take all of this data and run a few of your top entrance pages through the content evaluation worksheet. Does this help you to see why these pages worked so well with getting higher amounts of traffic?

Repeat the last step with your exit pages to get insight on why these pages drove away higher amounts of traffic.

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